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Through The Looking Glass.....A horror film by Craig Griffith

Now out on DVD is the Indie produced horror film 'Through The Looking Glass'.  It's a UK production by Cardiff born Writer/Director Craig Griffith.  Filmed in Compton House in  Devon which is over 1000 years old and was mentioned in The Doomsday Book. It's billed as one of the most haunted houses in the country and in-keeping with that background the film is a deeply dark psychological thriller guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder from the first scenes. 

'The Artist lives alone in a old house in the country. Once prolific he is now at odds with his work and unable to paint.  He discovers a  mysterious package on his doorstep, finds a strange mirror within and soon becomes wracked by horrific visions.  Beguiled by the mirror his work becomes fuelled by the visions and he paints like never before'.  

'Disturbing things soon begin to happen to him and to those who enter the house.  Escalating with each vision, with each brush stroke the mirror’s grip on him slowly tightens. Can he untangle himself from the mirror's creeping influence before it is too late'?

The film stars Paul McCarthy, Jonathan Rhodes, Mike Langridge and Ros Povey. It's Produced by Craig Griffith, William Charles & May Gwen, Executive Producers are Mike Pringle & Mark Stevenson and is  written and directed by Craig Griffith.  

In 2007 the film won The Swansea Bay Film Festival, was nominated for The Everglades International Film Festival of South Africa and was screened at the 1Xth WT OS Norway International Film festival and in 2008 it was selected for The International Film Festival England.

I've included part of an interview Director Craig Griffith gave to the excellent horror review website The Evil Eye the rest of which can be read by a quick click on the link.....

The Evil EyeCraig Griffith, Writer/Director of 'Through The Looking Glass', talked to us recently about the movie and what it was like to film in such a daunting yet intriguing environment. So pull up a chair, turn out the lights and read the fascinating interview here:-

Thank you for joining us today Craig to talk about your film Through the Looking Glass. 
It’s a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

For those people who haven’t seen ‘Through the Looking Glass’ how would you describe it? 
Through The Looking Glass is a horror of the mind. A dark psychological thriller, challenging, thoughtful and atmospheric.  It’s a haunted house movie that explores the nature of obsession and how it can lead to a downward spiral of destruction..... 

You can find more reviews and information on the film, cast and crew on The Workshop Presents and The Looking Glass websites or The Workshop Presents and The Looking Glass Facebook pages.  Also you can follow the film's Director Craig Griffith on Twitter and get an insight into Craig and the film on his blog Workshop Craig and of course  you can buy your very own copy of this award winning film from Amazon from the 31st October 2012.

Craig is an award-winning director born in Cardiff, Wales 1969. He became interested in filmmaking after he was given his first Super 8 camera for his eleventh birthday and set about making "film stars" of all his family and friends.
He joined the Orbit Youth Theatre Company in his teens gaining his first experience of acting, writing, directing and many other aspect of story telling.
His first professional job was as Director of Photography for an independent production company called White Elephant. Here he shot educational adaptations of the plays of William Shakespeare.
In 1998 he graduated from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design with a BA Hon's Film Degree and his short film LITTLE BLUE SPOT won awards and played the festival circuit inc. the BBC short film festival.
Next he became a Freelance Runner and soon progressed to Production Assistant. He was then hired by Lee Lighting to run their Kino-Flo department and working on large-scale films at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios made him more determined to direct.
He continued to hone his skills as a director, making several short films, music promos and test commercials.
In 2000 Craig signed to London Management where he developed several scripts. He later left and signed to Renting Eyeballs where his stint as a music video director saw promo’s aired on MTV.
Next Craig set up his own production company The Workshop Presents to develop a slate of feature film projects beginning with THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. This award winning film is a dark psychological thriller made for £6K and was picked up by US distributor Goliath Arts for worldwide rights and has since screened around the world.
His last project NIGHTVISION was co-funded by Channel 4 and stars Keith Allen, Ray Quinn and Shazad Latif and has just wrapped.
He has just begun work on his next project a road movie entitled THE LONG ROAD due for completion later this year.
In addition Craig is currently developing several new projects inc. a horror thriller called EVOLUTION CELL, a comedy drama for Paper Chase Films called STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW and a three-part TV drama entitled HOME SWEET HOME in collaboration with Corkscrew Production. He also co-founded Go Faster Stripe directing/producing live comedy DVDs by artists such as Stewart Lee, Richard Herring & Robin Ince.


THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS - Director/Writer: Distrib – Goliath Arts.
Winner best horror SBFF 2007.
THE LONG ROAD – Road movie Shooting
EVOLUTION CELL – Thriller in development
STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW – Comedy drama in development

NIGHTVISION - Channel 4 staring Keith Allen, Ray Quinn and Shazad Latif
PICTURESHOW – Sitcom in development
HOME SWEET HOME – Drama in development

LITTLE BLUE SPOT - Director/Writer: Winner of Best Student Film and Best Comedy at the 1997 Surrey Film Festival
Ladies & gentlemen the king has left the building - Director/Writer
THE WRONG NUMBER - Director/Writer
DEBRIS - Director/Wrier

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